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MS51575 & MS51576

Military Standard Precison Shoulder Screw

Precision shoulder screws are a machined, exact tolerance, high precision screw. These screws are used in a variety of applications including precision spacing, machinery support, and motion guiding. The shoulder is machined to a tolerance of .001 to ensure unrestricted resistance in application, and both ends of the shoulder are undercut to ensure perfect seating in the application. The heads are round, and Lyn-Tron manufactures these screws with either slotted or hex drives. Our screws are machined from 303 stainless steel material, and can have a passivated finish if required.

We manufacture the following military grade specifications of shoulder screws:

MS51575 - Slotted 303 stainless shoulder screw
MS51576 - Socket 303 stainless shoulder screw

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Part Desc.
MS51575 Precision Shoulder Screw - Slotted Head
MS51576 Precision Shoulder Screw - Socket Head

Materials Available for: MS51575 & MS51576

For further information about our material please refer to the Material Specifications page.

Material Description Lyn-Tron
Material Code
Stainless Steel (RoHS Compliant) SS
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