Left Edge

Custom Parts

Here at Lyn-Tron our manufacturing processes are second to none. Custom work has proved to be a constantly evolving service that we are improving upon every day. To properly create, manufacture, and sell a Custom Part we have had to change the way we do everything as a team. We are constantly looking to save costs and implement processes that will help us become leaner as a company. We do all we can to empower our management teams as well as employees with the ability to make their jobs and daily tasks better. Every employee at Lyn-Tron contributes to our forward movement as a company.

Lyn-Tron can satify your custom part needsWe have long made it policy to treat every customer small or large equally. We want our customers to get the best product with the best delivery. To better serve our customers, we have made significant changes in the way we make their parts. We specialize in quick setups and have changed our internal policies so that parts can be ran, cleaned, inspected, and shipped as quickly as possible. We schedule our jobs to in the most efficient manner according to material type and profile which enables us to keep machines running longer and more efficiently.

Right Edge