Left Edge

Machining Practice

Our machine capacities range from 1.25" Round down to .125 diameter. We have multiple departments containing high production multi spindle machines, rotary transfer machines, single spindle machines, and swiss type CNC machines. We offer knurling, broaching, turning, slotting, threading, and in house EDM capabilities to make sure that your parts have the cleanest and most professional work possible. Our EDM department is capable of making form tools, collets, holders, and tooling for our various departments. This enables us to cater to all types of prototyping needs that our customers may desire in a much faster turnaround time.

Will pulling part from the Robo CribWe have a centralized tool crib for all tooling used in manufacturing. This way we can tie tooling costs to every job that touches manufacturing and in turn can eliminate unnecessary tooling inventory levels. This allows us to constantly monitor tooling savings so that we can pass that on to our customers. We reclaim our oil through a proprietary process and have increased our tool life exponentially in doing so. This has reduced our oil consumption by thousands gallons a year. Just one more area we have worked to improve in. `

Right Edge