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Lyn-Tron's Machining Capabilities

Lyn-Tron manufactures only the highest quality engineered electronic & connector hardware. Our machining departments offer an immense assortment of different tooling and machining abilities to fulfill any request. We currently have 7 unique departments that are knowledgeable in nearly every possible machining technique and standard.

Lyn-Tron possesses the capabilities to run parts from as small as 1/8" in diameter all the way up to 1-1/4" in diameter. We are not merely constrained within these diameters of material. Please visit our Customs section to see other areas that Lyn-Tron can assist you with.

Our in house EDM machine gives us a unique edge on our competitors by creating custom tools and devices, that are needed to create custom/prototype parts. For complex precision parts, most companies would require some additional lead-time to fulfill such special requests. Not at Lyn-Tron.

At Lyn-Tron our CNC department is readily available to service your small to medium run quantities. While these machines are greatly utilized for their highly precise tolerance and extremely high surface finishes; they also posses the amenity to satisfy our customers low volume requests and any prototype work.

The Davenport department is extremely versatile. Being independently cammed, this machine can produce some of the most complicated parts in industry today. With highly engineered tooling developed by Lyn-Tron we can keep costs down. These machines are best used during high production runs and can manufacture parts ranging from 1/8" to 2-1/2" in length. Another machining department that has the best of both high and low volume runs is the Eubama Department.

The Eubama machines offer a unique perspective to creating parts. Their unusual design eliminates the need for most second operations, thus providing our customers with an overall cost benefit. We can offer high efficiency by utilizing coil material versus bar. Whether you need a short run in a family series or a large quantity of parts, this department is here to satisfy your every request.

When it comes to experience and quality Lyn-Tron employees are second to none. Make sure your order is handled in the most thoughtful way possible.

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