Left Edge

Industry Specific Examples

This new focus has opened hundreds of doors to new clientele for us. From weapons to climbing gear, from dog collar probes to musical equipment, and from medical devices to security applications, we can deliver the parts that you need correctly the first time, every time. We have an Estimating/Quoting team you can email directly to quote even the most complex of parts.

CEM (Contract Equipment Manufacturing) Industrial Equipment
Power Enclosures Robotic
Outdoor Climbing Animatronics
Knifes Electronic
Snow Board Military
Ski Government
Archery Aerospace
Turnbuckles Airline
Musical Instruments Aircraft
Custom Enclosures Marine
Medical Carts Entertainment
Knife Manufacture Exhibits
Electronic Enclosures Signs
Slot Machines Food Supply
Fuel Distribution Vending Machine
Remote Controls Instrumentation
Power Supplies and Conditioning Commercial
Firearms Fabrication
Furniture Construction
Medical Custom Screw Machine Hardware
Telecommunication Power Supplies
Computer Control Enclosures (NEMA type.)
Circuit Board Assembly Sirens
Vending machine manufacturing  
Right Edge