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Raw Material Selection

Lyn-Tron raw material selectionWe offer a vast selection of raw material. Our ability to purchase raw material is only limited to our customers requests. Along with the standard material types, Lyn-Tron also offers a rather wide assortment of other materials. Please note that the non-standard material as seen below is not necessarily in stock and limitations on pricing and availability do apply.





Raw Material Options

Material Description Lyn-Tron
Material Code
Lyn-Tron Material
Aluminum AL Yes
Aluminum (RoHS) AA Yes
Brass BR Yes
Copper CU No
Delrin DE No
Nickel Iron NI No
Nylon NY Yes
Phenolic Linen PH No
Steel (DFARS) SD Yes
Stainless Steel SS Yes
Steel ST Yes
Teflon TE No
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