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ZPS-620 || 6 Spindle Screw Machine

Eubama PartsThe 620 is a 20mm (.787”) capacity Multi-spindle with an AC drive for both the spindle and feed. It has 6 cross slides, 6 end working slides and 4 Longitudinal slides in the 1,2,4 and 5 positions. Using the longitudinal slides in conjunction with the cross slides will create two axis movement in these 4 position. The slides are independently cammed for optimum feed rates for each position. The spindle carriage is manufactured with a high precision face gear lock up that allows the 620 to hold much tighter tolerances then your standard multi-spindle. It can be equipped with spindle stopping, eliminating secondary operations. Our operators have endured countless hours of training and, like our Quality Assurance department, have the highest standard of quality in the business.

Capacity Ranges

Round Hex Square Overall
3.175mm to 20mm 2mm - 100mm


The ZPS620 is currently supervised by Brian Lear. Brian also supervises the Hydromat and Eubama departments.

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