1/2" Stainless Steel Round Precision Shoulder Screw - Slotted

Part ID: SS7561-00

Technical Specifications

Grade (Alloy):
Stainless Steel
303 (ASTM-A-582)
Profile Round
Overall Length 0.969"
Male Thread #1/4-20
Thread Length 3/8"
Head Diameter 1/2"
Head Length 7/32"
Shoulder Diameter 3/8"
Shoulder Length 3/8"
Slot Depth 0.2mm
Slot Width 0.8mm
Finish Desc. (Spec) Unplated
Compliant To RoHS, WEEE, REACH, DFARS, Conflict Minerals

Available Finishes

Code Description Specification Quantity Available
00 Unplated Plain 0
01 Passivate ASTM-A967 0

Product Description

Shoulder screws, sometimes referred to as shoulder bolts or stripper bolts, get their name from the unique cylindrical shoulder found between the head and the threads of the screw. At Lyn-Tron, we manufacture precision shoulder screws, which are so named for the high tolerance (+/-0.0005) the shoulder diameter is held to. The round shape provide a nice finished look. Stainless Steel offers good corrosion resistance, is nonmagnetic and the silver color provide a finished look to any application. DFARS compliance certificates available.

Stock and Lead Time

Stock 0 Available
Manufacture Lead Time 7 Weeks

Pricing as Unplated

Quantity Online Price
100 6.549
250 4.223
500 3.221
1,000 2.439
2,500 1.958
5,000 1.652
10,000 1.488
25,000 1.368
50,000 1.292
100,000 1.218

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