Thumb Screws Product Selection Guide

Thumb screws (or thumbscrews) are a type of fastener with a large head that is easy to grip for hand tightening and loosening. The thumb screw is typically used as a non-permanent fastener for convenience, reducing maintenance, or if space is too limited to use a tool. They can be used for a wide range of parts, materials, and builds where power tools can't be used and are also a solution for components that need frequent cleaning or maintenance, replacing the need for screwdrivers or wrenches. Lyn-Tron Thumbscrews are fully machined from solid bar stock to provide a strong, high-quality screw product.

Products Buying Guide

Lyn-Tron offers a wide assortment of thumbscrews, made in the USA, and are suitable for many different applications. Below are a few common considerations to consider. For any questions not answered below, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in your selection process.

Step 1 - Thumb Screw Material Options

The material you decide on when buying thumb screws will depend on the application. Lyn-Tron offers the following materials for our thumb screw products:


A screw made from this material is the most durable and reliable of the thumb screws products, giving positional accuracy and rigidity.

Stainless Steel

These thumb screws are typically used for applications that need hygienic solutions, such as in the medical field or food and beverage industry.


This screw is the best option for high aesthetics, usually used for light fixtures and in musical instruments, as well as mechanical assemblies. While a brass thumb screw is considered decorative, it is resistant to corrosion.

Step 2- Screw Sizes

Thumb screws come in an array of common inch and metric thread sizes that can be used for a wide range of applications. To choose the best thumb screw for your needs, keep in mind the length, diameter, and thread size to ensure the correct selection is made.

Step 3- Head Type

Lyn-Tron offers 3 different types of Thumb Screws:


  1. Plain Thumb Screws - A large diameter head is fully knurled for an easy grip and decorative appearance. 

  2. Washer Face Thumb Screws - The large diameter, fully knurled head of the Plain Thumb Screw is incorporated with an added washer face. The washer face allows the head to sit higher making it easier to access and grip once fully screwed down.  

  3. Push Type Thumb Screws - The fully knurled head is used but in a smaller diameter to allow for these to be used in tight-fitting applications or when additional space is needed for other components.


Step 4 - Product Plating Options

Lyn-Tron offers many different plating options for all of our Thumb Screws. Platings can be chosen to achieve a specific color or look or to add corrosion resistance to demanding applications.

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