Regulation / Directive Conformance

WEEE -- Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment


The European Union has adopted a directive concerning the disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Lyn-Tron products are not subject to this directive. (Per article 3a)

We assume no responsibility for any finishes or materials that contain restricted substances that are specifically requested by our customers and cannot certify the compliance of these products through the product use and disposal life cycle.

We will not assume liability for the disposal of our product and limit our responsibility to the compliance as stated in the EU directive for products we certify as RoHS compliant. Any product supplied by Lyn-Tron, Inc. that may require disposal at a later time and date, will be the responsibility of the purchasing party in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Online References

Europa - The main website pertaining to the European Union

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - As defined by the European Union