Technical Information

Complex Hydromat Setup

Here at Lyn-Tron we want to ensure that you get the exact part you requested, from the material you require to the finish you need. The technical information page strives to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. We have broken down our technical information page into sub categories: materials, finishes, thread and clearance hole specifications all the way to the latest information on Regulation/Directive Conformity.

All standard machining material that is purchased at Lyn-Tron adheres to the most current ASTM, Federal and Military standards. For our customer convenience we have included a portion of our web site to documentation download. In this section, you'll find the latest Material Mill Specifications that we use to verify the material readily available for download.

Also located within the Technical Information portion are all the Clearance Hole Specifications and Thread Specifications. We offer a vast assortment of threads for all of our standard catalog parts. We also welcome the challenge to manufacture any style of custom thread within the capabilities of the part dimension. Manufacturing double and triple lead threads, hose fitting, barb ends, engraving (scribing) and thread lengths up to 2 inches are not out of the realm of possibilities either. Within our Thread Specifications section, we have broken it down further with Thread Depths and Thread Sizes.

Due to the constant global changes, Lyn-Tron continues to update its material and machining practices. Lyn-Tron strives to conform to all latest RoHS, WEEE, REACH and DFARS classifications.