About Lyn-Tron, Inc.

From a humble beginning in 1956 as Lynn Electronics Company, Lyn-Tron has grown to become respected in the industry as a quality supplier of electronic and connector hardware. In 1957 Lyn-Tron was incorporated under its current name. For many years solder terminals were the major product produced and sold. As technology progressed, new products were developed to meet industry needs. In 1982 Lyn-Tron began manufacturing of connector hardware. As a leading manufacturer of standoffs, spacers, and other types of electronic hardware, Lyn-Tron’s name has become synonymous with quality products. In 1993 both manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, California were outgrown. Corporate offices and manufacturing are now located on a state of the art facility in Spokane, Washington.

Mission Statement

Lyn-Tron is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers by supplying products of superior quality at a fair price with constant attention to delivery, performance and total customer satisfaction. Our commitment is to maintain a manufacturing environment that is progressive and safe, where our employees are able to achieve their personal objectives, thereby adding to their quality of life and to the community in which they live.

Lyn-Tron Beginning Lyn-Tron Burbank
Lynn Electronics Co. -- Los Angeles -- 1956
Lyn-Tron -- Los Angeles -- 1982
Lyn-Tron Spokane
Lyn-Tron -- Spokane -- Present