Selection Guide:
Jack Screws for Electronic Components

A jack screw is a threaded, male-female fasteners commonly installed into one half of D Subminiature Style Electrical Connectors such as VGA Ports, Serial Ports, Parallel Ports, or Game Ports. The jack screw serves a few purposes when used with these styles of connectors:

  • They create a locking system to maintain a secure connection. 
  • They align the connectors into their proper placement.
  • They draw the two connectors together for a tight and proper fit.
  • They reduce the potential of mated connectors coming loose during use.
  • They reduce the strain being placed on the connector’s pins over time.

Due to their many uses and features, a Jack screw can have many different names such as a Jacking Screw, Jack Screw Standoffs, Nuts, Jack Posts, Screwlocks, Female Screw Locks, Pillars, Posts, and Stud Mounts to name a few.

Product Buyers Guide

Lyn-Tron offers a wide assortment of Jack screw products, made in the USA, and are suitable for many different applications. Below are a few common factors to consider to know what is the appropriate jack screw product. For any questions not answered below, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in your selection process.

Step 1 - Material & Plating Options

When deciding on a material and plating/finish, there are many properties that can be considered. The most common ones include corrosion and rust resistance, magnetism, electrical conductivity, strength to weight properties, color, and cost. Review the product chart below to see which standard material has the right properties for your application’s environment. 

Materials Corrosion Resistance Magnetic Electrical Conductor Strength to Weight Color Plates
Stainless Steel High Slightly Yes - Poor Above Average Grey Available
Steel Low Strongly Yes - Poor Average Grey Available
Brass High No Yes - Below Average Average Yellow Available

Step 2 – Male Thread Length


Jack Screws all come with a standard Body and female thread.  The male threads, though, come in a wide variety of lengths to fit many different panel thicknesses.


Base Part Male Thread Length
9410 3/16”
9411 1/4”
9412 5/16”
9413 3/8”
9414 7/16”
Base Part Male Thread Length
9415 1/2”
9416 9/16”
9417 5/8”
9418 11/16”
9419 3/4”

Step 3 – Jack Screw Kit and Packaging Options


Each D-Subminiature Connector will have 2 Jack screws installed directly onto the metal faceplate. For easy ordering, Lyn-Tron offers all jack screws as a pre-packaged kit and will include:

  • 2 Jack screws

  • 4 Flat Washers to accommodate different panel thicknesses

  • 2 Lock washers

  • 2 Hex Nuts

    • Each of these items will be packaged together as a kit.


Bulk Packaging

For larger production volumes, you can also order a bulk kit. Parts are not prepackaged but will be individually packed in bulk. For each bulk kit ordered, you will receive:

  • 1 Jack screw

  • 2 flat washers

  • 1 Lock Washers

  • 1 Hex Nut

    • Each item will be packaged separately in bulk.


Jack Screw Only

The supplied hardware will work with most and allow for a secure fit. However, some connectors will have a threaded insert preinstalled or require unique hardware. In these cases, you can purchase the jack screw only. Just remember to buy 2 Jack screws for each connector.


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