Super Torq Swage Standoff, Round, Unplated, Brass, 5.87mm Shank OD, M3.5x0.6, 5mm Body Length

Part ID: BR5117SPA-05.0-00

Technical Specifications

Grade (Alloy):
360 (ASTM-B-116, QQ-B-626)
353 (ASTM-B-116)
Profile Round
Outside Diameter 8.0mm
Overall Length 6.9mm
Female Thread M3.5x0.6
Swage Anvil Code 8-2
Swage Punch Code 234
Shank Length: 1.9mm
Outside Diameter: 5.87mm
Inside Diameter: 4.97mm
Panel Thickness: 0.8mm
Code: A
Panel Hole Size 5.990-6.070
Finish Desc. (Spec) Unplated
Compliant To RoHS, WEEE, REACH, Conflict Minerals

Available Finishes

Code Description Specification Quantity Available
00 Unplated Plain 0
03 Bright Dip ASTM B 281 0
31 Clear Cadmium SAE-AMS QQ-P-416 0
32 Yellow Cadmium SAE-AMS QQ-P-416 0
33 Black Zinc ASTM B633 0
34 Zinc Clear Chromate with Blue Tint ASTM-B633 0
35 Zinc Clear ASTM-B633 0
36 Zinc Yellow Chromate ASTM-B633 0
37 Zinc Yellow ASTM-B633 0
42 Electro Tin - Dull with Copper Flash ASTM B 545 0
43 Electro Tin - Bright ASTM B 545 0
48 Copper-Nickel-Bright Tin ASTM B545 0
51 Black Oxide MIL-F-495 0
52 Black Oxide MIL-C-13924 0
63 Ductile Nickel SAE-AMS-QQ-N-290 0
66 Electroless Nickel SAE AMS-C-26074 0
91 Silver QQ-S-365 0

Product Description

Super-Torq Swage parts are designed to resist rotation under high assembly torques and to eliminate breaks in electrical connections due to spinning of standoffs during assembly. The unique Super-Torq corner knurl prevents the fastener from twisting after installation. Lyn-Tron standard swaging tools can be used on Super-Torq standoffs in the same way as installing conventional swage standoffs for an easy upgrade. The round shape provide a nice finished look. Brass is corrosion resistant, nonmagnetic, and easily machinable. Base metal is yellow, but many plating options are available when different colors are required.

Stock and Lead Time

Stock 0 Available
Manufacture Lead Time 7 Weeks

Pricing as Unplated

Quantity Online Price
100 1.149
250 0.920
500 0.747
1,000 0.575
2,500 0.495
5,000 0.437
10,000 0.368
25,000 0.321
50,000 0.276

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