04 (1/4") Aluminum (Chem Conversion) Hex NAS1830 Swage Standoff

Part ID: NAS1830AC04A12

Technical Specifications

Grade (Alloy):
Aluminum (Chem Conversion)
6061 (AMS4117)
2024 (ASTM-B211)
Profile Hex
Outside Diameter 04 (1/4")
Overall Length 0.187"
Female Thread E (#6-32)
Shank Length: 0.075"
Outside Diameter: 0.188"
Inside Diameter: 0.150"
Panel Thickness: 1/32"
Code: A
Finish Desc. (Spec) Clear Iridite
Compliant To RoHS, WEEE, REACH, Conflict Minerals

Product Description

The unthreaded turned down section allows for the part to be secured to the circuit board via a swaging process. The swaging of the part curls the part back onto the board. This curled section keeps the part firmly in place. Parts are thoroughly tested to ensure that proper swaging will not cause excessive cracking or flaking. The hex shape allows for greater torquing as the flat sides allow for wrench tightening. Aluminum is widely used in Aerospace applications due to its high strength to weight properties. RoHS certifications available.

Stock and Lead Time

Stock 0 Available
Stock to Plate 0 1 to 2 weeks
Manufacture Lead Time 9-10 Weeks

Pricing as Clear Iridite

Pricing information not available. But you can always request a quote and we'll get back to you.

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